Eliminate your infestation before it starts with birth control for rats

Traditional pest control tools eliminate rats quickly when populations boom. But without fertility control, it only takes two rats to initiate a rebound, growing the population back to its original size or larger within a matter of months. 

Without fertility control with ContraPest, rat populations rebound to original levels. 

Minimize rebound and maximize productivity with ContraPest


Rats keep coming back for more of the fatty, sweet formula.


Because it targets fertility, rat populations continue to decrease.


As populations decrease over time, less ContraPest may be required.

Read how 2 poultry farms reined in rampant rat reproduction with ContraPest.


Before deploying ContraPest, please read all label instructions. While our liquid product is delivered inside a tamper-resistant bait station, always store and use ContraPest out of reach of children and non-target animals.

ContraPest is specifically formulated for both male and female rats

The active ingredients are specifically formulated for rats. The active ingredients also break down within the rat’s digestive system, resulting in no bioaccumulation or biomagnification in the environment.

Active ingredients:VCD & Triptolide

Target species:Norway & roof rats

Active ingredientHalf-Life = 12-18 minutes

Reduced secondary exposure

No behavioral changes in rodents once consumed

Metabolizes in urine &small amounts in feces


norway rat

norway rat

Up to 18 inches long, these large rodents typically nest in the ground, in wall cavities, or under discarded materials. ContraPest is ideal for Norway rats, as the bait stations are placed on the ground.

roof rat

roof rat

Smaller than Norway rats, roof rats can be up to 8 inches long with proportionately large heads and feet. As their name suggests, roof rats prefer above-ground locations, making the Elevate Bait System with ContraPest® an ideal solution.